5 Areas on the Face to Get Botox for Wrinkle-Free Skin

September 24, 2021
Woman Getting a Forehead Botox

Skin ageing is inevitable. However, due to technological advances, medical practitioners can slow down or prevent the signs from showing up. Since wrinkles on the face are one of the most common signs of ageing, getting botox on focus areas on the face helps patients look younger after a session. But where on your face should you get botox, and why?

1. Between the Eyebrows

The space between the eyebrows, where people can develop wrinkles, is an area that makes older people look tired or angry. Although they might be fine at first, they might notice the lines slowly deepening and elongating as people grow older. However, Botox can provide a rejuvenated and more relaxed appearance.

Meanwhile, if the lines are too deep, a combination of Botox and fillers can help achieve a filled look. These two treatments can work together to help relax the muscles and skin in the area.

2. Forehead (Surprise Lines)

Forehead wrinkles, also known as surprise lines, are horizontal lines across a person’s forehead, often appearing while raising eyebrows. Although they are great for supporting emotions such as fear, surprise, and happiness, people may become unhappy with their appearance during the late stages of life.

As people age, forehead wrinkles can become more apparent. Excessive lines in the area lead to the face looking aged and tired. Botox is a great help in reducing wrinkles in the area. However, for more severe cases, a combination of Botox and fillers is better.

3. Side of the Nose (Bunny Lines)

Bunny lines are fine lines appearing on either side of the nose. Like most types of facial wrinkles, it is also a result of repeating certain facial expressions. However, they are most visible when a person’s nose wrinkles up while sniffing or smelling something.

Careful injection of Botox on either side of the nose helps reduce the appearance of bunny lines. However, only an experienced and professional cosmetologist should only administer the treatment as it can affect how people smile.

4. Around the Eyes (Crow’s Feet)

Crow’s feet, also called smile lines, are fine lines appearing on the areas around the eyes. As people age, the amount of collagen and elastin found in the skin decreases in production. In effect, the skin sags and creases, producing crow’s feet.

Even without smiling, smile lines might be visible. Therefore, a few Botox shots in the areas around the eyes can reduce the wrinkles and give every patient a youthful look after a few sessions.

5. Corners of the Mouth (Frown Smile)

Bearing a perfect smile is an advantage for most people. However, as people age, the smile they used to bear will turn into a frown. A frown smile appears on the corners of the mouth, resulting from the overactivity of a muscle called depressor anguli oris. By injecting Botox in the area, the muscles can relax and return to their original position. In severe cases, extra help from fillers may be needed.


Ageing is normal. However, people always have a choice on how to age. By injecting Botox on the significant areas of the face where it’s most beneficial, ageing might not be too bad at all. However, be reminded that only experts and registered professionals should perform Botox treatments.

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