Being a member of the BACN (British Academy of Cosmetic Nurses)

September 1, 2018
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I just wanted to talk to you about the BACN (British Academy of Cosmetic Nurses) and being a member of this professional association.

The BACN is the largest Professional Association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK. It operates under a strict Code of Conduct in order to ensure patient safety across all treatments undertaken by its members.

The BACN has a dual role:

• To provide services and support to all of its Members

• To promote and support patient safety in the area of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

With so many new practitioners popping up everywhere within the industry I feel that it is important to be part of an association that has a strict code of conduct, this promotes safety within my clinical work and gives me support when I need it.

It is a board run association with some of the best people within the industry as part of the board and is backed by many of the leading providers.


The code of conduct we adhere to as part of the BACN are;

Provide nursing care that is in accordance with the NMC code (2015) and maintain professional registration to practice through continued professional development and evidence-based lifelong learning.


Be accountable for their own actions and the care they provide, underpinned by the ethical principle of non-maleficence, abiding by British law and practising within the requirements of the NMC


Underpin all practice with evidence-based knowledge and rationale to achieve higher standards of care, safety and positive experience for people in their care.


Facilitate and encourage a wider learning environment for the development of colleagues and people in their care.


Place the people they provide service to at the heart of the care they provide, without commercial bias, considering the person’s dignity, humanity and equality, through compassionate and individualised care planning, that is based upon the person’s needs and requirements.


Incorporate a biopsychosocial approach to the care they provide, encompassing all elements and their interactions, enabling a holistic and complete understanding of the person’s health and well-being.


Ensure that people in their care are empowered in decision-making by providing full information of the treatment choices available, including the risks and benefits, allowing people to make fully informed decisions.


Recognise that communication, communications skills, and confidentiality are vital components of the aesthetic care they provide.


Adopt a mulit-disciplinary approach in order to utilise referral pathways, learn and develop within their own professional scope, as well as with multi-disciplinary members, to ensure the best level of holistic care provided.


Promote and apply a continuous approach to risk assessment a and management for the safety of people within the aesthetic health care setting.


To have up to date, current and appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance covering aesthetic treatments that can be made available to patients and the BACN if requested.