Daxxify – FDA approve a longer lasting neuromoulator

October 24, 2022
Daxxify - FDA approve a longer lasting neuromoulator

In September of this year, the FDA approved a brand new style of neuromodulator with increased longevity, called Daxxify. In their clinical trials they say that 80% of people using it had no wrinkles at 4 months, but as any injector knows thisa can happen with the right patient with the original toxins (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) but we are always open to longer lasting treatments for our patients.

Daxxify - FDA approve a longer lasting neuromoulator

So far the information we know is;

1. It works in a very similar way to products that are already in use.

2. It isn’t made from a human serum albumin so doesn’t contain any human or animal products as it is made from peptides or amino acids.

3. It worked in 98% of people, and at 6 months half of the people testing it were wrinkle free, some of these people had continuing results to 9 months.

4. It has minimal side-effects, well apparently no side effects, this part I find a little harder to believe if im honest.

5. It currently only holds FDA approval for glabella lines, although we often use toxins “off-licence” Botox is approved for a wider range of uses.

6. The suggestions are that Daxxify should be tried on patients who have already experienced other toxins, possibly so you can tell if it is actually longer lasting or whether your patient would have reacted this way to the products we currently use.

7. It’s currently unclear how much it will cost, and if it costs the same but lasts longer I am sure clinicians will be trying to work out the benefits to their businesses when patients arent attending as regularly!

8. It isnt available yet; I hear rumours that it will be USA markets in early 2023, so that will possibly lead to UK markets in late 2023?

What are your thoughts on Daxxify as a clinician or as a patient? I am really interested to hear everyone’s thoughts