How to Care for Your Dermal Filler: Basic Guidelines

September 8, 2021
woman getting injection

Aging is unavoidable, and its signs are plentiful. Thankfully, modern medicine has developed multiple ways for us to alleviate some of these signs, and to look a little more youthful and fresh for our years. 

Dermal fillers have been a great option for people looking for this kind of treatment to combat aging. They can even be used in cases wherein injury or disease has left an individual with sagging skin.

The best part is that dermal filler procedures are relatively simple and will not require a long rest period for the patient. Of course, certain rules and restrictions should still be noted.

Some Considerations

It is important to determine the type of dermal filler to be used to understand what can or cannot be done by the patient. The type of dermal filler will be a factor in deciding the specific restrictions. 

For example, taking certain drugs before, or after, the procedure may cause some excessive bleeding or bruising in the area. 

Natural Dermal Filler

What determines the difference in types of dermal filler is the chemical composition, or material, of the filler used. On the whole, you can expect dermal fillers to be made of Hyaluronic acid, which is a compound that is naturally present in the body.

Additionally , hyaluronic acid is present in different brands and products and often used as dermal fillers. These products are injected beneath the patient’s skin, filling the dermal area under the area with loose skin. It doesn’t cause a reaction in the body, but instead delivers additional volume to the area it is applied to. It is then slowly reabsorbed into the body without any side effects.

Caring For Your Dermal Filler

Preparing for the dermal filling procedure is a simple enough task. Reduction of caffeine intake, aspirin use, and Retinal or Retinol will help your body take the procedure much more safely.

Assuming you’ve done your part prior to the treatment, the procedure should go on smoothly. For aftercare, the steps remain a little similar but will also depend on the specific filler used for the procedure. 

Some rules to follow are:

  • When the area swells or you feel discomfort in the area, it is best to use ice to reduce the swelling.
  • Keep drinking water to keep your body well hydrated.
  • Protect your skin from the sun.
  • For 24 hours after the procedure, take things easy and try to stay immobile as much as possible.
  • Feel free to use arnica cream or tablets to help reduce any swelling or bruising.


While injectable treatments may seem daunting to deal with, they are actually pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Just be sure to follow the guide that we’ve listed above and you should have no issues whatsoever with your dermal fillers.

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