What to Know Before Getting a Lip Augmentation Treatment

August 9, 2021

Many people wish to look their best at all times and are game to try the latest medical aesthetic treatments offered by reputable medical professionals. If you want to enhance the appearance of your lips, you could try reading about lip augmentation.

It’s a cosmetic method that can make your lips look firmer, plumper, and more natural. As you get older, your lips can look different and thinner due to loss of volume, making you look angry or stressed out all the time.

Through lip augmentation, hyaluronic acid is injected into your lips to achieve a better appearance, with the effects lasting for up to six months. Keep reading below to find out some important reminders when considering lip augmentation.

You Should Only Trust a Professional

The first thing you want to consider before getting lip fillers is to depend only on a qualified medical practitioner who is certified, licensed, and qualified to perform the procedure, and who has the right medical knowledge to manage your aftercare. You have the right to interview the specialists and find out about their backgrounds to learn about their expertise in handling lip augmentation.

Avoid settling for lip filler treatments offered by beauty salons or spas just because of their cheap rates. As much as possible, the only providers you should trust for cosmetic treatments are qualified medical practitioners.

You Should Determine if You’re a Candidate

Not everyone can undergo a lip augmentation procedure because certain medical conditions could prevent them from it. If you have an active infection like a cold sore, diabetes, or blood clotting disorder, you cannot push through with the treatment.  During a consultation you will discuss your full medical history with your practitioner who will be able to advise your suitability for treatment.

Moreover, your medical practioner has to know if you are allergic to certain types of medicines, local anaesthetics, or antibiotics before supervising the procedure without issues. That way, there will be no disruptions that could put your health at risk and their career at that.

You Should Choose a Reliable Clinic 

Besides knowing if the qualified medical practitioner you choose can perform the treatment, you must know the state of the clinic they’re working in and make sure it’s clean, safe, and is correctly insured. Whether you’re coming for a consultation, it won’t hurt to observe your surroundings to check and see if the place is well-sanitized and run by a professional and friendly staff.

You can tell if the medical practioner prioritises the cleanliness of their clinic if they commit to keeping their environment and equipment sterile and in excellent condition. It gives them no problem providing a numbing cream, local anaesthetic, or nerve block during the treatment when needed.

You Should Know the Potential Side Effects

After getting lip augmentation, you can expect the results right away. However, the signs of swelling and discomfort could last for a couple of days until eventually subsiding and making way for an improved appearance of your lips.

When something goes wrong, and the filler has to be dissolved because of an allergic reaction or infection, only a qualified skin specialist who is able to write prescriptions can administer the injection and other medicines. Some other side effects that could happen include tenderness in the area, bleeding, infection, and scarring.


If you’re interested in getting a lip augmentation treatment, you should first find out if you’re a candidate for the procedure and research reputable skin clinics near you. Also, you must only trust a professional working in a reliable clinic and stay informed about the potential side effects. For those who require more information about lip augmentation, it’s best to consult with your registered medical practitioner.

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