Welcome readers to the Pretty Machine Aesthetics Blog

August 1, 2018

Welcome readers to the Pretty Machine Aesthetics Blog


A little bit about me, Jen Vittanuova.


I have only ever really wanted to be a nurse, and really only ever wanted to work in Cosmetic Surgery. Whilst doing my nurse training I worked extra shifts at a local private hospital in Consulting Suite and I stayed for a short time after I qualified. I then moved over to the Nhs and worked on Head and Neck Surgery (Ear, Nose and Throat and Maxillofacial surgery) and then Breast and Bowel Surgery. I have also worked as a District Nurse and still currently work as a Nurse Prescriber in General Practice, alongside my four clinics.

I wanted to step out on my own after working for all the top names in private cosmetic surgery because I didn’t feel they actually cared for the clients, they just cared about sales targets and watching the clock until home time when the phones went off. This didn’t sit well with me ethically and I decided to form Pretty Machine Aesthetics so I could give my clients the service and aftercare I felt they deserved.

I started small with just one clinic in Birmingham and then moved to Huddersfield to be with my husband. I then opened a second clinic here in my home town which I have recently upgraded to a larger, more luxurious clinic, still maintaining the same clinical standards I strive for as a nurse.

I felt like my life was complete when I took on a clinic at 1 Harley Street in London, THE most respected place for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK.

I also, luckily have partnered with Stephen Pressley and do a clinic within his state of the art salon in Garforth, Leeds. This is growing so fast and everyone is loving the extra services being offered.


Who should read this Jen?

I am writing this blog so people can get to know myself and my thoughts around products, procedures and also current issues in and around cosmetic surgery.

My ideal reader is like my ideal client, and much like myself. I am very much a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl, I feel I have stolen some Yorkshire traits in the 11 years I have lived up here. I will happily turn clients away if they have unrealistic expectations and will always advise clients of how to maximise their treatment, I think my clients like this about me. I give all of my clients enough time to have their treatment, so they don’t feel rushed or like they are on some sort of conveyor belt.


Why should I read this Jen?

They will get my personal take on the things that I am being asked about by my clients. This blog will be very client led.


Why should I listen to you?

I have been a qualified nurse for 18 years and worked within all parts of cosmetic surgery. I am trained to an advanced level including managing client issues, which seem to be becoming more frequent as more and more people pop up doing non-surgical treatments following very little raining in post procedure problems. I am also an Independent Prescriber which means that I can consult, assess and treat you without the need to see an external party. I have always been part of the RCN and feel really strongly about nursing and the NHS, hence still working in General Practice. I am a member of the BACN (British Academy for Cosmetic Nurses) and an avid supporter of the Safety in Beauty Campaign. I regularly attend updates and I am always happy to learn a new procedure if I feel it benefits my clients.


My qualifications:

Jen Vittanuova BSc, RN (Part 12 – Adult), IP (Independent Prescriber) – Advanced Practitioner